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Qatar Driving License Documentation and Fees Detail

For driving a car you have to get driving license in Qatar. while on the time of arriving Qatar, you can drive car for 7 days if you pass clearly a valid driving license. If a person want live in Qatar more than six months, than person have to apply for a temporary or permanent Qatar driving license. Qatar driving license is valid for 3 months for GCC residents from arrival date. If you are a  resident of Qatar than you have to apply for Permanent driving license.


Information About Temporary Driving License:

If you have a temporary Qatar driving License, than you can drive only rental cars. But with your temporary driving license you will not insured to drive your own car. When you get a residence permit, than you can convert your temporary driving license into permanent driving license. But you can get permanent driving license at that time when you will get a pass a residence permit and this one is valid for 5 years.

Required Documents to Convert Temporary License to Permanent License:

(1). Required Temporary Driving License.

(2).  Require two Photos.

(3). Required Copy of Passport.

(4). Required Copy of residence Permit.

(5). Applicant have to paid process fees.

Other Requirements:

This is for those person who visiting Qatar from western Countries, Canada, and UK, only to change their home country driving license for a Qatari Medinat Khalifat Traffic Department, without taking a driving test.

Documents Required:

For this process some important documents required.

(1). Required Passport/ID Card.

(2). Required Original Driving License.

(3). Required Sponsor’s ID.

(4). Sponsor have to put sign on Provide Letter.

(5). Required three Photos.

If you are residence of other nationalities than you have to undergo a driving test to get your local driving license. It is important that applicant have a residence permit so applicant is able to apply for Qatar Driving License. Traffic department will take some tests for driving license, like eye test, written test.

If that person do not have a valid driving license of his/her home country, than person have to enroll in Qatar driving school. You have to take 25 classes or 12 classes for driving skill.

Driving Test:

First of all you have to pay driving license fee to register for test. You have to prepaired for driving test, this test based on four part.

(1). Oral round for the road and traffic sings.

(2). L Parking.

(3). Pocket Parking.

(4). Actual road test.

If you pass your test, than you no need to repeat your test. Test will be done on Manual transmission cars.

Traffic Department Address an Contact Information:

Madinat Khalifa (North), off Khalifa Street, near Al Gharrafa Flyover, Tel: +974 4890644 

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