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Get Renew Your Philippines Passport Required Documents and Process In Philippine

In my this post i will discus about Philippines Passport renewal in Philippine. Its easy to renew your Philippines Passport in Philippine. You have to follow some steps and some necessary documents required to renew your Philippine Passport. Basically Philippines Passport is called epassport.


Required Documents To Renew Your Philippines Passport:

You should provide some necessary documents to renew your Philippine Passport.

(1). Applicant should appear on Passport renewal time.

(2). Applicant should provide one Government ID Original and Photocopy.

(3). Applicant should provide his/her Old Passport original and photocopy pages 1,2,3.

(4). Applicant should provide NSO Birth Certificate Original and Copies.

(5). Applicant should pay process fee.

Renewal Fee Detail:

(1). Normal Process Fee is Php950 and process time is 15 days.

(2). Emergency Process Fee is Php1200 and process time is 7 days.

Philippines Passport Renewal Process:

(1). Applicant can renew Philippine Passport at DFA Office in applicant region, if applicant is renewing Passport through emergency. This process is easy no appointment need.

(2). Applicant should get appointment online if applicant is renewing Philippine Passport through emergency. Applicant should visit on appointment date for Passport Process.

Passport Online Appointment Branches:

(1). DFA Alabang Town Center.

(2). DFA Aseana.

(3). DFA Ali Mall.

(4). DFA SM Megamall.

(5). DFA Manila.

(6). DFA Robinsons Galleria.

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