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Required Documents and Steps to Red Ribbon Diploma

In my this useful post i am going to inform you about Red Ribbon Diploma. I share information about required documents, fee detail and process to get Red Ribbon Diploma. Red Ribbon Diploma is necessary documents for applying a job abroad, but some embassies and consultant required documents should be certified from DFA.

Required Documents to Get Red Ribbon Diploma:

You should submit some necessary documents to get your Red Ribbon Diploma.

(1). Applicant should obtain Form 137.

(2). Applicant have to provide his/her Certification of Graduation.

(3). Applicant should provide Diploma.

(4). Applicant have to provide Special Order Number if applicant graduate from private school.

(5). Applicant have to provide two passport size picture.

(6). Applicant have to pay fee Php100.

You should visit DpEd and submit your all documents, DepEd will forward your all documents to DFA for Process of CAV.

Process to Get Red Ribbon Diploma:

Step 1:

First of all you should prepare your TOR and Diploma three copies.

Step 2:

Secondly, you should submit your all documents to your college or university Registrar’s Office. Officer will certified your all documents.

Step 3:

Registrar will give you a Authentication Registration form you should fill up form.

Step 4:

Fourthly, You should pay your fee Php100 but your fee depend on your school.

Step 5:

After submission necessary fee you should go back to Registrar to claim your certified TOR and Diploma.

Step 6:

Then you should visit CHED and show your documents for DFA Red Ribbon. You should fill application form and pay your necessary fee.

Step 7:

You will receive a Stub from CHED on date, and you can take your Red Ribbon Papers from DFA.

Important Note:

Keep in mind if you are a student of Public or a State University than you can go directly to Registrar.

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