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Information and Required Documents For Labor Card Of Husband Sponsor In Qatar

Those women who working in Qatar, who are on family sponsorship. They need to make a Labor Card from Labor department. All procedure is given below with full detail for the guide of all working women in Qatar.


Required Documents:

(1). You have to provide NOC of Your husband/father if they agree and allow you to work. NOC should be written in arabic. Mention your and your husband/father QID No, Company Name and Position.

(2).  Secondly you have to provide Police Clearance Certificate. That should be stamped in Philippine Embassy and should be attested by MOFA.

(3). You have to provide your Passport Copy with valid RP.

(4). You have to provide your all educational certificates photo copy, and should be translated to Arabic. You have to stamped your all educational certificate by Philippine Embassy.

(5). You have to provide medical license photo copy for Doctors and Nurses.

 (6). You have to provide your current Sponsor’s ID Card.

(7). You have to provide your previous permit if you have any.

(8). You have to provide Resignation Letter Copy from your previous employer.

(9). You have to provide attested employment contract Copy. That should be translated in English and Arabic.

(10). You have to provide a corporate identity card photo copy.

(11). You have to provide two passport size recent photos.

(12). You have to paid Fee QR560.

Process Of Application Submission:

First of all you should get a letter from you employer, mentioned in it that you are employed by them. After that you should visit Labor Office that is located near Andalus Petrol Station. They will provide you a forms set. After that you have to go to CEID there they will get your finger print.

When you once you done all this procedure  you will receive your report after one week from CEID, after receiving report you again go to Labor Office and submit your forms set. Then you will get your Labor Card.

Important Note:

Your Labor Card/Permit validity is one year. You can renew your Labor Card/Permit every year.

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