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Procedure and Requirements Of Philippine Passport Renewal In Dubai

In my this article i am going to share information about Philippine Passport renewal In Dubai/UAE. Renew your Philippine Passport six months before expired. If you are willing to renew your Philippine Passport, you should follow some steps and required some necessary documents. If you did not renew your passport on time, you can face problem.

Apply Procedure To Renew Philippine Passport In Dubai:

Follow below steps to Renew your Philippine Passport In Dubai.

Step 1:

Book online appointment for Philippine Passport renewal. For further information visit this website http//dubaipcg.chekappointments.com/.

Step 2:

You should visit  Philippine Consulate Embassy on appointment day, Fill your E-Passport application form.

Step 3:

Applicant should go passport processing section.

Step 4:

You should pay Passport process Fees AED 240 to Cashier Counter.

Step 5:

Next step, some question should be asked about you, like Birthday and some other information that are required for your new Passport. Your picture will be capture to paste on your new Passport.

Step 6:

Finally, you should visit on releasing section on your passport will be release.

Requirements For Passport Renewal Appointment:

Bring your all documents mentioned below on appointment day.

  1. Bring your Old Passport.
  2. Bring your visa page and Data page copies.
  3. Pay passport processing fee AED 240.

Process Time:

Philippine passport processing time complete round about two hours.

New Passport Releasing Period:

It will take 4 to 8 week process after apply date. You can Check Status of your Philippine passport to visit below link

How to Check Status Of Philippine Passport .

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