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Documents Requirements and Guide About OEC Application In Doha Qatar

In my this useful post, here i mentioned about OEC procedure for the guide of expatriates. To get your OEC you have to follow some steps and required some important documents. Basically OEC means Overseas Employment Certificate. This certificate, when presented at Philippine airports for outbound international flights, also exempts OFWs from travel tax and terminal fees normally charged to travelers.


Required Documents (For New Applicant):

(1). Required employment contract two copies.

(2). Required Passport two Copies.

(3). Required Visa stamp or Qatar ID two copies.

(4). Required Sponsor’s Qatar ID two copies- applicable for Household Service Worker only.

(5). Required applicant Original Passport.

(6). Fee is QAR160.

Required Documents (With Old OEC):

(1). Required Original Passport of applicant.

(2). If applicant have new passport than bring the old passport for reference of applicant OEC stamp.

(3). Applicant have to paid QAR9 if OEC is still Valid.

(4). Fee for Pag-ibig Fund membership/premium. minimum premium is QAR10 for one month.

Process Of Application ( For New Applicant:

Stage 1: 

First of all you have to present your original Passport on Reception Table. You will receive a form from Reception lady, you should fill this form. List of requirements and will direct you with the rooms assignments and process.

Stage 2:

You will proceed to room 1 for the purpose of Contract Verification. You will receive a queue number and wait for your turn. prepare items 2 to 3 from the above mentioned list. You have to paid QAR40 for Contract verification.

Stage 3:

You will proceed to Room 5 for the purpose of OWWA membership. Here You will receive a form and fill that form and submit it. You have to pay QAR93 fee for OWWA membership.

Stage 4:

Next you will proceed to Porta Cabin. Here you have to submit your filled form and your Original Passport for OEC application. You have to pay fee QAR9 for OEC.

Stage 5:

In final stage , Fill up a pag-ibig membership application/verification form. If you have no idea about your membership ID number, then they will check your Pag-ibig number online. You have to pay QAR10 for one month and for premium amount you have to pay for a year premium for QAR120 for one year.

Important Note:

Your OEC validity is 2 years  but take note prior to that you have to come back to Doha within 60 days (counting start from the date of your OEC application) or check the validity date written on your OEC..



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